The Craftsmanship

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The Craftsmanship


A Word From
Our Chairman

KP Sanghvi laid its foundation on 10th May, 1965, ever since then the company has dedicated itself to the art of perfection and craftsmanship, a diligence that is manifested in our products, ethics, and people. Upholding the values and inspiration gathered by the first generation, I am determined to build a compelling link between all the generations of the KP Sanghvi family, and enable the group to reach the higher heights.

With philosophies and ideas influenced by Kakaji, we have built a strong relationship with clients all over the world, while maintaining the integrity and true essence of the legacy. Having faith in the power of observance, organisation and patience it has led to bridge a gap between generations and the aim to lay a solid foundation for the future of KP Sanghvi.

Guided by the insights and leadership passed down by the first generation, we have ventured into various fields and areas with the same methodological approach and perfection like our main foundation. Having worked for four decades under great visionaries of the KP Sanghvi foundation, we are now on the path to enrich the legacy with discipline.

With diligence and belief, we aim at doing bigger projects at larger scales with the right values and vision imprinted by the first generation. Believing that our work is a temple and KP Sanghvi is a name synonymous with trust and is delivering exceptional customer service.

We have reached the higher heights because of the values instilled in us and the loyalty of our customers, ambitious and talented employees and our mining suppliers.

A sincere and heartfelt thanks to all who have helped us carve this legacy and perfection.

I welcome you to KP Sanghvi and look forward to building a valuable relationship with you for years to come.

Sincerely Yours,
Kishore Sanghvi