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The Expertise


Our Products

If there is one thing at KP Sanghvi that everyone is equally passionate about, it is diamonds. KP Sanghvi is the best destination when it comes to diamond.

Diamonds, when cut and polished with precision, become the very epitome of beauty and perfection. Using the latest technology, KP Sanghvi's production team works on rough diamonds to produce a variety of brilliant diamond cuts that suits your preference - Round, Princess, Marquise, Oval and Special Cut to name a few. We specialise in manufacturing and supplying of diamonds ranging from 0.005 to 5 carats.

For the watch manufacturing industry, we gauge stones with the desired level of precision and pre-assort them according to the size and clarity. Along with this, we offer the full spectrum of standard services including shading, fluting and bagging, pairing and counting.

Our Services

With state-of-the-art manufacturing processes and best-in-class technology, KP Sanghvi are experts in bringing out the best in every diamond by transforming their rough form to brilliant gems that dazzle through generations.

This is accomplished by adopting new-age processes based on lean manufacturing techniques such as value stream mapping, pull perfection and kaizen. These techniques enable waste elimination from the process, allowing continuous improvements along the way.

In addition to this, our Research and Development team is constantly exploring new-age technologies, developing efficient processes and inventing new cuts.

Our Promise

With world-class diamond processing facilities, and machines of the highest international standards at its disposal, KP Sanghvi delivers highest quality diamonds fulfilling its Promise of Purity, speedily and efficiently. KP Sanghvi is regarded as one of few diamond companies that has been accorded with prestigious ISO 9001:2008. This certificate of quality management covers all operational areas including marketing and sales, assortment, rough processing, cutting & polishing and jewellery manufacturing.

Just mention your requirements and leave the rest to KP Sanghvi. We ensure that every order you place with us is processed, checked and delivered on time, according to your specifications. That’s why KP Sanghvi has an unprecedented rate of 95% repeat customers from all over the world.


KP Sanghvi is a proud participant of Chain of Custody (COC) programme by RioTinto the owner of Argyle Diamond and the Diavik Diamond.

Under this programme, each diamond is a promise that it is beautiful, rare and ethically sourced.

The entire journey of the diamond is documented to keep trace of its chain of custody from mine to market reassuring the consumer by identifying the actual source of the diamond.

And, KP Sanghvi is one of the few entrusted trade partners giving reassurance to its customers that the Australian Argyle Diamond and the Canadian Diavik Diamonds have always been under great care, making it priceless.